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Do you work long hours? Have a puppy who needs a potty break during the day? Or does your dog just need a little more exercise than you are able to provide? Let us help!


Most dogs get bored and restless and some become destructive when cooped up all day while their families are away. By having one of our Pet Care Technicians visit your dog during the day they will be provided with physcial and mental stimulation to help relieve these behaviors, setting them up for success with a happy, healthy disposition. It will also relieve you of the guilt for leaving your dog(s) for an extended period of time without interaction or not having the time to exercise them after a long day at work, along with creating a happier, calmer, more balanced dog for you to return home to. We provide fresh water, a potty break, treats if requested, and affection during each visit. Plus, we can email/text you after your dog(s)' walk for your peace of mind knowing he/she was cared for along with leaving a report card summarizing your dog(s)' walk for that day.


Wags 'n Whiskers only walks your dog(s) during your scheduled time unless otherwise requested. For example, if you have a neighbor dog who gets along with your dog and both owners request they be walked together.


Contact us to schedule your free consultation visit where you and your pet(s) have the opportunity to meet us, discuss the care you would like provided for your pet(s), allow us the opporutnity to meet you and become familiry with your pet(s) and home, complete necessary paperwork, a key exchange, and of course we will be glad to answer any questions your may have.



Length of Walk Price per Walk
15 minutes $10
20 Minutes $12
30 Minutes $15
45 Minutes $22
60 Minutes $30

Rates provided are for all dogs in the home and there is not a maximum number of dogs allowed, unless Wags 'n Whiskers feels it provides an unsafe experience for the dogs and/or technician


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